Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Art of Me

Now is not the time to fear, or be afraid. Now is the time to grow and vitalize true worth and potential. I am utterly blessed, and I owe no one anything but myself the diligence of realizing my greatest potential. I am not anyone's toy, I am not anyone's ball to a chain. I am realizing that for so long I have held inside my talents, my freedoms, the things that you claimed to value that you quickly vanished once you tasted the fruit of my ripe wisdom.

I know who you are, I have met ones like you. Those who rape you, invade you, open you and then leave you to be ravaged. What you don't know is that I am much more aware of you, then you are of yourself. I see that you are insecure, conniving and that you control those around you by making them feel empathy for your woes.

I am not afraid of you, for you will never be me. I do not wish to be you. I am ready to fulfill my destiny, for I am told by the astrologer that a change is close, one that would push me into my complete womanhood. She has arrived. I open the door to let her in. 

Goodbye to holding myself back, to playing it safe and knowing what is next. Hello to the challenges that lay ahead, the new opportunities and the chance to finally say goodbye to you.
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