Sunday, October 17, 2010

Freedom to Fall

Life can be a scary process. Learning to be aware is alarming and the issue of  freedom is never not in question. Whether we belong to ourselves or whether we chop ourselves into little pieces, then neatly package ourselves with bows and place our souls for sale, we still have to carry value for ourselves for what's inside the box. We are our own to unwrap. We are all made of great beauty. Some are thought prettier, some are simply smarter - but we all have worth.

I have learned that though life can be care-free, I prefer to care.

We can walk away knowing that we chose the way we thought was better, only to find out that we hesitated about change. Growing is an illusion, we must simply fulfill our destiny fearlessly.

While some maintain that life is unfair and cruel, we have the choice to achieve and rise above our challenges, personal and professional. No one said that working hard was easy. No one claimed that it would be clear to get too the truth.

Take a silent moment, feel breath enter and then release - the solution to everything is let it go if it hurts. Don't run away from pain because it is an inescapable reality.

Millions of people will never know the power of love to heal, to release the disappointments in tears, the pain it took to grow more.

When we are younger it is much easier to identify growth - we grow taller, grow hair in inconvenient places, everyone tells us that we look bigger. We do not stop growing even as adults, nor should we. If something falls from reach, we must grow a longer reach.

Keeping the faith is often a test of our strength to believe in embracing the unknown valleys that lay ahead. There is light even in the darkest of places, just look.
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