Monday, January 18, 2010


Take a step back to see forward. Touch me deeply to see the surface of my emotions sink into a well of needed change. I have always been the anchor by her side. I am her protector and she is my idol.

Over the years so many tears were shed for the pain he caused us. She stood strong and kept a roof on the table and food on our plates. She is my saving grace, she is the one I am proud to call my own.

You see I am nothing extraordinary if you see her, she is the all-encompassing womb that realized me to be.

I see her age and her kindness remains forever young. Each day she rises around 8am, she then makes chai and fiddles in the kitchen, then showers, does her hair, puts on her make-up (not much at all, for she doesn’t need much to show the depth of beauty). Then she prays. I know she pray for me, my brother, my sister and I. She is mother.

She worries because she cares about our health, happiness and it hurts her to see us struggle. No woman can touch me more than her; no woman can replace her as the centrepiece of my heart.

Taking a step forward requires me to see how proud I want to make her of me. Love is everything she made of me.
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